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Thai lady scammer

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Some foreigners who travel to Thailand for a short holiday in Pattaya often consider that they have become the victim of a Thai girl scam.

Top 11 Scams in Thailand | Thailand Redcat

They have found themselves in a situation where they have either lost some money, czechoslovakia sex property such as a watch, laptop, passport, credit card, gold chain or been deceived in some way that has caused them emotional trauma.

It is this lafy that can lead a newbie traveller into awkward situations that thai lady scammer have a negative outcome.

Then the foreigner considers he has been scammed. Would you jump from an aircraft before checking that your parachute is in order? Likewise, would you travel to thai lady scammer country without first researching the potential hazards and pitfalls?

It is not easy to understand Thai girls and their way of thinking. There are some known scams to prepare yourself.

thai lady scammer I can think of at least three common scams that you might encounter in Pattaya if you are in the wrong place, with the wrong people at the right time. Here is one type of scam you might like to note.

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Single travelling males should be careful about bringing unknown women to their hotel rooms or homes. Druggings, whereby the woman coats her nipples with the drug or drops something into your drink to put you to sleep to assist with the theft of your belongings, is thai lady scammer uncommon.

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Unfortunately, they sometimes put a thai lady scammer extra into the drink to make sure you are knocked right. There are reported cases of the little extra inadvertently killing the victim.

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While the rate of theft is remarkably low, it does occur. My advice is to learn a bit about Thai culture, customs, and potential hazards before you book thai lady scammer flight to Thailand.

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The more you learn about the people and their ways of going about their everyday tasks, the less potential there will be for misunderstanding. When a Westerner comes to Thailand he brings with him thai lady scammer way of doing things, his culture, his customs.

Thi you do find yourself in an awkward situation try to stay calm. Try not to display anger.

In Thai culture it is impolite and thai lady scammer to display anger. If you are planning a trip to Pattaya, familiarize yourself with the culture, the customs, and the pitfalls and you will have an unforgettable holiday. Darren is a Brit with 20 years experience of living in Pattaya.

scsmmer He uses his local knowledge and experience to write Pattaya travel and lifestyle guides, thai lady scammer, and tips to help you have the best time when you visit Pattaya. You are here: Related Posts: Previous Post: Next Post: Load Comments.

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