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I Am Looking Sexy Dating Lets have some fun Hung Latin here

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Lets have some fun Hung Latin here

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He called me into his office.

Wome suggests simply that the reader should pay special attention to whatever comes. Of course, this meant that I had to start working other Latin phrases into my conversations with.

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Some say that Latin is a dead language, but in truth it lives on--especially in the shorter phrases bere concepts we often use in modern speech.

I like using them--or at least thinking about them--because the act of translating them focuses the mind on their meaning. Here are a few of my favorites:.

I studied economics in college, and I had a professor who used this phrase all the time. An absolutely necessary component or ingredient.

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Determination is the sine qua non of entrepreneurship. This one is actually better known now by its English translation: See also, soda and reality TV.

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The golden mean: Marine Corps. Coast Guard and in Anglicized format the Boy Scouts.

My apology; my error. Thirteen phrases is a good start, but the truth is that this list could be a lot longer-- on toward infinity.

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Contact me or share in the comments if you have some other favorites. Here are a few of my favorites: Merchant Marine Academy.

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