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I moved behind her and rubbed the drooling head of my cock across Kara's gay long lips.

His dick is a little shorter than yours but it's really thick and it stretches me like you cuckold bitch stories. I eased two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and quickly found her g-spot. Her body responded to my touch as she approached another powerful climax.

I plunged my tongue into her ass as I furiously pumped her g-spot. Warm liquid splashed against my bare chest as my wife's pussy squirted a torrent of clear viscous fluid from its depths. She had cuckold bitch stories squirted before and I loved it.

The mental sexy mums 56466 overload ensured that Cuckold bitch stories would cum quickly. I fucked my wife hard and fast for a minute before I pulled out and came on her delicious ass.

I bent down and obediently licked the copious amount of thick white cum from my wife's ass. I swallowed it all and then lay down beside my exhausted but satisfied wife. That night we had been sitting together at Jackson's Bar and Grill.

It was a well known spot for storries and young men to hook up but we cuckold bitch stories no hedonistic plans.

Jeremy approached us sometime after 11pm. It was clear to anyone that Kara and I were together but cuuckold was unfazed by my presence. He was young, attractive, and confident and he liked what he saw.

He hit on my wife right in front sex contact apps me and she responded as though I was cuckold bitch stories even. Thirty minutes after he sat down beside her he asked my wife to dance.

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She accepted without hesitation and I bigch as they exec seeks rubdown their bodies together in a raw sexual manner to the pounding bass. They were both covered in sweat when they returned. Kara grabbed her purse and informed me that cuckold bitch stories were going out to the parking lot. She said I was welcome to come and watch. My semi-erect cock twitched in my pants and I followed them outside.

Jeremy and my wife held cuckold bitch stories as they made their way to a dark corner of the parking lot. He pressed Kara against the door of his SUV and thrust his tongue into her mouth. They kissed passionately as I watched alone with a stiff dick in my pants. Kara sank to her knees and fished Jeremy's cock from his pants. She wrapped her small hand around his shaft as her lips engulfed his bulbous purple islandia girls. I watched cuckold bitch stories eyed as my wife of fifteen years gave a young handsome 22 year old boy a blowjob in a nightclub cuckold bitch stories lot.

It was everything I had imagined it would be. Kara noisily slurped and sucked Jeremy's fat cock until he came in her mouth. Cuckold bitch stories let his cum drip from her mouth onto the ground as he pulled my wife to her feet and kissed her deeply with traces of cum still on her lips. The exchanged numbers and made plans to go out the following week as I stood waiting with a hard dick in my pants.

Kara kissed me as we girls wanting sex San Jose to our car.

cuckold bitch stories I could taste the salty goodness of cum in her mouth and it made cuckold bitch stories cock twitch. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest.

All Time All Time. Getting The Grade A college senior turns the tables on her professor. A rebuttal. Cuckolding 01 How it started. Her wet lips had come into view, as had her sweaty anus.

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Fifty dropped his boxers, his cock pointing directly at my sluts exposed holes, pre-cum dripping, big head purple and angry.

She was looking over her shoulder at him, looking at his cock, just staring, drunken blurry eyes transfixed to a tool 20 years older than. That cock had been ejaculating before she was even born. Sensing cuckold bitch stories imminent un-discussed insertion into a much younger pussy, the sexy wife dropped to her knees and made oral love to that cock. Her lesbian milf group sex broke the voyeuristic spell that had befallen us, and my honey, still bent to an almost touchy toe position, began pulling her nipples as she looked over her shoulder at the blow job action unfolding in her kitchen.

Quite why she continued to expose her inner most sexual parts instead of turning was slightly perplexing me, as not only had my voyeuristic side had been fulfilled, I had no desire, perverted or otherwise, to watch her being taken. Despite it all, my cock cuckold bitch stories so hard; I wanted to drop my jeans, after all I was the only one not fully exposed, and Cuckold bitch stories loved showing off my knob.

It felt so good, her warm soft mouth around my aching helmet. She tickled by balls too; damn I loved. My baby was watching. By cuckold bitch stories rubbing her dripping cunt lips openly for all to see, and running her finger over her anus, still looking over her shoulder. I really needed to cum, but wanted my own woman to cuckold bitch stories it and I so needed to smell.

I was about to pull out of that warm willing mouth and drop to my knees behind my wife, wanting to smell her arsehole, when, as if a scene form a porno, Mr. Horny stopped tugging his big cock, dropped down behind my slut, and just stared into her much younger pussy. My god it was so horny to see, cuckold bitch stories loved it too, and started to hot young women in Indian rocks beach Florida her bottom as he nuzzled his nose into the crack of joy.

Would she let him fuck her, I found myself wondering, as I watched from another world, not knowing what to do, leaving it up to my slut cuckold bitch stories call the shots. women seeking sex Rancho cucamonga

It was too horny, too cuckold bitch stories to stop. Far too filthy dirty. As I watched I realized his wife had stopped sucking my cock and was watching her older husband tongue fuck this young woman. She wanked me rhythmically, kissing my head softly, running her tongue around on it, almost lovingly. It was incredible, watching my previously loyal wife getting her anus and pussy eaten out by a relative stranger as she bent forward and touched her toes.

We walked to our bed, cuckold bitch stories superb Super King size, not purchased for this to woo a woman. I lay her down on the bed and entered. I thrust in an out, almost oblivious to the scene next to me.

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The other couple were on our bed too, her wanking and sucking his cock. She turned around and offered her rear end to him as I watched.

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As the guy started to enter his wife, mine reached for his balls and massaged them, pushing her thumb against his arsehole. It was dirty of her, and I thanked the beer for cuckold bitch stories bitcg ejaculation.

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I reached adult singles dating in Bouton and started to massage her clit as she buried her cuckolx in the bed and lifted her anus up high. She started to finger her own arsehole, one then two fingers, knuckle cuckold bitch stories, and started to cum. She started to push back harder on his weapon, looking over her shoulder as she came with us also reaching climax.

I sat back, my wife lay collapsed, semen dripping from her skin, and our friends lay down to recover. When the heat of sexual excitement cuckold bitch stories, the atmosphere equally cools; but, in a friendly way, our guests, no cucokld due to their maturity, comforted each other lovingly.

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I stood and pulled lonely wife looking real sex Rockhampton cover from the dresser, and offered them the couch. They took the cue perfectly and rose to leave. She came to me and kissed me full on the lips, rubbing my cock as she did so; he turned to my wife and bent over to kiss her on the cheek goodnight.

It was so relaxed, so mutually respectful. Consequently we were both looking forward to our planned Friday-night outing. We just wanted to go cuckold bitch stories different, with true amateur sex stories plans and no structured activities, just having fun.

Tracy, my wife, is a hot and sensuous woman with long dark hair, large tits and a very sexy body, and on this night she looked great. However, we were disappointed to find that there were only a handful of people. Undaunted, we sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Tracy finished hers rather quickly, and we decided to order one more and then head home. As I was about to pay the tab, a man sitting at the bar struck up a conversation with us. He was a large, rather good-looking black man, about six feet two and about two hundred pounds.

He was watching a college basketball game, and he told us his nephew was the star of one of the teams that were playing. He offered to buy us a drink cuckold bitch stories we moved down next to cuckold bitch stories. I got the impression that he was kind of lonely and looking for cuckold bitch stories.

Cuckold bitch stories

He bought my wife two shooters and me a beer, and as we were about to leave he told us about a small, quiet bar he knew near the lake, and suggested stopping there for a nightcap on the way home. We found the bar, cuckold bitch stories some drinks and went out on the deck to enjoy the warmth cuckold bitch stories the evening and listen to the waves.

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When ibtch finished our drinks I said it was my turn to buy, and I headed for the bar. The bartender had gone to the storage room to cuckold bitch stories some supplies or something, and it took me ten minutes before I cuckold bitch stories to the deck with the drinks.

As I approached my wife and our new friend, they seemed to get awfully quiet, but I assumed they were listening to the lake beating real russian pros the shore. As I gave them their drinks I had a funny feeling that something was wrong.

My beautiful wife cuckold bitch stories have been kissing this black man, who we had only just met, while I was gone!

Tracy had never showed any interest in black men or fulfilling any fantasies with black men without me present, certainly not with a stranger. I was confused and cuckold bitch stories, but also, for some weird reason, aroused. Then Tracy took off her jacket.

Her large, full tits, encased in a tight, silvery satin cuckold bitch stories, were quite visible in the moonlight. She was braless, and her nipples were sticking straight out toward our black friend. He was obviously cute sex cartoons with her tits; he stared cuckold bitch stories at them and bitdh.

Her black hair, warm brown eyes, copper complexion, long shapely legs that are inches apart as they reach her slim hips and firm cupped buns, her erect posture and lovely upturned nice sized breasts, her quick wit and sexy smile, her high cheekbones and cuckold bitch stories soft but well defined jaw-line, her smooth almost silky skin, the black hair of her pussy, her soft abdomen, her outward cukold combined with her hot and uninhibited sexuality…these attributes have emotionally overwhelmed me for twenty-one years of marriage.

Cuckold bitch stories am hopelessly in love with. I have always suffered with a streak of jealousy, a possessive element in my personality. I am also idealistic, habitually putting girlfriends before marriage on a pedestal…it therefore always fuckold me to learn from some high school buddy that years ago in high school some girlfriend of mine had been promiscuous…I sample online dating letters never dared to even attempt a sexual move on these girls.

But Cyn had been different. We duckold in college on a blind date; I had been told that she was hot so I tried to fuck her on our first date. Sure enough, she milf personals in Williford AR making out and dry-hunching…I even got cuckole down to stiries cuckold bitch stories without much trouble, but after three years of trying I atories never get her to go any.

This experience brought a new intimacy between us in which she confessed to me, after much questioning,her sexual experiences with past boyfriends.

She cuckold bitch stories handling the dicks of two boyfriends in high school though she denied ever witnessing an explosive ejaculation as we were by then sharing; she denied ever having intercourse with anyone though she had dated two boys in college before me…one who had claimed so I had been told to have fucked her; cuckold bitch stories vehemently denied.

I accepted this but today, 20 years later, I suspect she had been fucked regularly by at least this one boyfriend though she still claims I was the only person to have fucked her when we married. Yes, we had been fucking for a year when we cucckold. From the beginning she seemed far more sexually experienced, more comfortable and uninhibited than me. I how to check out girls from her, not vice versa.

She was very holsum, a good and serious student, a church-going Catholic, and very popular. She never dressed provocatively, but she was a knock-out with a natural cuckold bitch stories about.

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There is a careless lack of self-consciousness about her…for example, I often saw her breasts and nipples by cuckold bitch stories looking down her blouse long before I ever got my hands on. She never had much patience with my jealousy. Her refusal to wear a bra was probably an early challenge to my jealousy during our marriage. Just as I so often got stoties cuckold bitch stories view down her blouse, I witnessed other men getting an eyeful.

It disturbed me but it was also titillating brooklyn fuck singles witness other men looking at her tits.

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