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Cancer man forum

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I am currently seeing a Cancer male long distance. We are pretty much there without the label. Which would be a recipe cancer man forum see this repeat in the future? But then another part of me wants to cancer man forum him know that this is not okay and it is going to just push me away.

I know he is just testing me to see what pushes my buttons, or he wants more attention and reassurance of my feelings. But going about it this way is going to push me away not have me crawling to cancer man forum on my knees. I am more so upset by the fact he is doing this purposefully to me, because I know he is not doing it to get attention from another female central florida strip clubs he never posts things of this nature.

Long distance is hard enough let alone playing with my emotions like. Will only hinder the already difficult situation as is. ALSO, side topic.

Cancer man forum

Like I mentioned above we are long distance. He is scared to fly, so I have been the one to come to his city every time.

I am understanding and if he is scared to fly there is nothing I can do, he cannot help his fears… Driving would take 21 hours which I do not expect him to do, and a train is atleast a day, some are a day and a half. He politely changes subject if I mention alternatives to flying. I have also offered to fly down just to cancer man forum back up with him to make him comfortable cancer man forum a 2. He has cancer man forum paid for any of my flights, he has offered to give money casual sex in norfolk it but I am too nice and decline but he has said he wants to pay for me to fly down.

I always seem to be too generous and catering in relationships and it always tends to impact me negatively down the line. Although I do not think he is taking advantage of me, cancer man forum mother is concerned because it has happened to me. The only time he has to be able to get off work soon is in Feb, when I have promised to watch a family members house and dogs while they are on vacation and I gave my word 3 months ago before they booked the trip.

They do not trust anyone else to fill my position. Therefore, I cannot travel. If I cannot see him in Feb most likely will not be able to until April or even later. And of course him coming here cancer man forum not an option.

What do you think of this situation? Because my loved ones are telling me I should not be the only one doing the work.

Am I too understanding or are they too judgmental? We have been really close for coming up on 3 years and just the last few months have agreed to see one cancer man forum consistently and see where it goes.

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We both have established and told one another cacer have strong feelings and we are cancer man forum seeing anyone. You are not getting any benefit of cancer man forum real relationship, he causes you anguish from his FB post, and your effort is the only thing that keeps this afloat. Without it, this thing would shrivel up and die. Cut bait girls want pussy prevent further losses.

But If you were my friend, Id probably tell you that foruum should be a two way street.

Dating cancer man forum – Rollfab

I think your family is right. Where is he being ride or die for you?

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Ive met cancer man forum lot of men like this lazy. Somehow for me they lack masculinity even if they claim to be manly with forun. Ultimately, is he making you feel cherished and honored? It doesnt sound like it. You say he cares but how do you know that?

How have his actions shown you that? I know a lot of men will blow smoke up your ass for even sporadic sex. It makes things pretty clear. His actions when we are together in person tell a lot. And I have known him for a long time he never wants to cancer man forum go of me. If i back up he freaks out…. He is just immature and cancer man forum to man up in some areas. I think i am more than understanding with.

Sometimes I feel I should put my foot down.

Maybe he is lazy because he mna I will put in all the effort, i am grooming him for it really. And yes I would think I am a ride or die. I have been consistent with him for almost 3 years, always been there for.

Go out of my way, visit him, cancer man forum him homemade goods, xmas gifts, etc i spoil him too much i cancer man forum.

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I just have to say that you sound really intelligent and have a large breadth of awareness, coupled witn patience and compassion, leolibra. Youre seeing the forest for the trees.

Thats a powerful place to be cancer man forum Its very refreshing to see. Libra Noir said I just have to say that you sound really intelligent and have a large breadth of awareness, coupled witn patience and compassion, leolibra. Thank you! I am thankful that I can be very understanding and aware but at times I feel it is a downfall or weakness cancer man forum I almost cannot fully put my all into one side of an opinion. And cancer man forum a hard time making decisions!

I try to think of all aspects before judging or assuming. I just do not want to be a doormat! Granted,that Taurus moon cancer man forum his Cancer venus just makes it more limited.

But he never flew in his entire life. Always took the car or bus. He was afraid of leaving the airport too, until we drove two hours to pick him online nude webcam chat. He got in the wrong time and airport.

He was so fearful that he remained indoors and liked routine. Go halfway with him and be a bit strong, put your foot. Picky girl offer alot in going there to visit him while he has his fears, but it would allieviate your feelings of being used when you accept his offers. Thank you for your opinion!

I know he is very cautious and not a risk taker. He cancre a virgo moon and cancer venus on top of it a Taurus Mars! Skip to dirty sex in Phoenix Arizona uk content.

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Login. Cander Forum Relationships and Family Cancer man Cancer man Limited Access Members. Member Since: Tuesday, September 19, Thank you for your advice in advance.

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Thursday, April 10, I mean he is the one to initiate meetings, but fourm than that I am doing the work. How do you suggest I handle msn I know he cares. Milky Way. Wednesday, May 30, I would talk to him about all of. Libra Noir said I would talk to cancer man forum about all of. If i back up he freaks out… He is just immature and needs to man up in some cancer man forum.

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