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Nick as a narrator
A reluctant participant, the main narrative voice belongs to Nick Carraway, a character within the text who addresses an audience outside of the text. This type..
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The 1950s and 60s Civil Rights
New York Times, Boston Globe and the International Board on Books for Young People, the highest recognition for childrens book illustrators. King and the American Civil..
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Leadership Analysis of Queen Elizabeth II

Yes, work for the queen often means holding flowers, waving, and smashing champagne on ships, but she always shows up for. Good leaders acknowledge the peoples

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The Strength of a Woman

Such women were rare (verse 10) but they were not extinct. . She has made provision for the future, to the best of her ability (as

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Catcher in the Rye, thematic

The story " I'm Crazy which was published in the December 22, 1945, issue of Collier's, contained material that was later used in The Catcher in

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Poetry Analysis: Grass by Carl Sandburg

In humanistic psychology, the main focus is allowing the client to decide how the therapy would direct them on their own life. At the same time

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War Arguement: Should we engage in a war with Iraq?

Iraqi politicians wanted the.S. Military experts are disquieted by the creation of such global hunter-killer teams who regularly kill civilians in their raids on supposed "targets."

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Therefore Schoolwork is important to assist students in their learning. They help us develop positive study skills and habits that will serve us well throughout

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A Woman without her Man

a Woman without her Man

the grammar of a sentence. 'Can't' is a contraction of 'cannot and the two words are said differently.) An abbreviation is when a word is written in a short form, but when read aloud, the whole word is said. A semi-colon tells us that there were three people. Clear and correct punctuation makes written English easier to understand, and sometimes the use of punctuation can completely change the meaning of a sentence. It has two main purposes. So 'Dr' and 'Mr' have no full stop but 'Av.' (for avenue) does and so so all initials -.g. 'Fred went out with Janet, his girlfriend; and his secretary.' The full stop In American English this is called the 'period'. Semi-colons with lists Semi-colons are often used to give lists This is especially true when the list contains extra descriptive detail which can be confusing. We see it most often at the end of the sentence.

Remember that spoken English allows the speaker to use stress, timing and intonation. Often commas are used with link words which join the clauses, such as 'because' 'and' 'or' and 'so'. Try reading sentences aloud, and notice the effect that punctuation has on the rhythm of your speech. However, properly written, the sentence tells us about the animal's diet - it eats roots, shoots and leaves. For example : 'Don't be late.

Punctuation for Men and Women - The Literary Link

a Woman without her Man

The War Dehumanizes Man
Evolution of Classical Management