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The Different Concept of Classical Music
To several examples of each style at online sources available through. JS Bach: Concept, music has been in business over 30 years! A round-up of..
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Local Regulations In The New Economy
Although all regulations must at least implicitly pass a society-wide cost-benefit test, measurement (especially of benefits and especially in the case of social regulations) can be..
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A brief eulogy of hamlet

For the opening of Diana Vreelands 1981 exhibition, The Eighteenth-Century Woman, for example, nearly every major European designer flew over, and the 720 dinner guests ranged

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Views on The Place Called Hell

Hell: a place where people are consciously tormented for all eternity. Hell is the disillusioned numbness of the soldier. Impenitence of the Damned, poena Damni, poena

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Lenin and the Russian Revolution

Conversely, various Marxist observers including Western historians Hill and John Rees argued against the view that Lenin 's government was a dictatorship, viewing it instead as

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Immigration to London

Retrieved "Little Lagos in south London". Then came the story that a tribunal had ruled that a group of migrants in the Jungle camp in

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Rudyard Kipling vs. Virginia Woolf

She writes about the painful process of raising money and the luxuries that women cannot enjoy as a result. However, she was able to collect herself

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Realm of Web Advertising

The processing is necessary for our legitimate interests, namely administering the Service and providing customer support. We live and work in a data-driven world, and

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Fraternites and Binge Drinking

fraternites and Binge Drinking

example. Sorority leaders reported a 55 percent binge drinking rate and six drinks per week. It isnt just the drinkers facing the consequences either. If not, it identifies a very specific mechanism underlying the decision to join a fraternity: members drink more intensely than non-members even while doing so in similar frequencies and situations and for similar lengths of time. NDP : What kind of conversations should parents be having with their sons who are headed for fraternities, and what should they tell their daughters who are headed there for the parties? Leaders of fraternities, and to a lesser extent leaders of sororities, tend to be among the heaviest drinkers and the most out-of-control partiers, according to researchers at Cornell University and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. The survey revealed: - Seventy-four percent of fraternity leaders reported episodes of binge drinking in the previous two weeks, and leaders on average consumed 14 drinks a week. Forty-two percent of the men and 26 percent of the women reported binge drinking episodes. Men are also more likely than their female counterparts to engage in risky or dangerous activities or feel pressured by male competition.

fraternites and Binge Drinking

Serious Effects of Binge Drinking on College Campuses, What is Binge Drinking?,

The piece is lengthy, detailed and riveting. For actively involved fraternity members (non-leaders 73 percent reported binge drinking episodes and an average consumption of 12 drinks per week. Here is my interview with Flanagan: Nancy Doyle Palmer: Excessive drinking is beyond a factor in this issue, it drives the bus. NDP : Really, why are 18 boys such knuckleheads and what is the preoccupation with putting things in their butts? For females, leaders reported in at 46 percent; actively involved members, 42 percent; those attending functions only, 38 percent; those not involved, 19 percent. In streets of Laredo her cover story for the March issue of, the Atlantic, one of America's finest writers takes on one of the most heavily fortressed bastions of the American male - the college fraternity - and Flanagan most assuredly scores some direct hits. (877) Browse drug rehab centers No matter where you live, there is a drug rehab center that can help you overcome your addiction. What I see in the majority of these fraternity sexual assault cases are two kids who are blind drunk at the time the incident happens. According to a survey, parents of sorority members were 3 times as likely to worry about their daughters body image and self-esteem than parents of female students outside of the Greek system. (In general, fraternity hazing got more violent at two junctures: after the civil war and after the second world war, reflecting the role fraternities play in the substitution of college for military experience in young men's lives). However, common sense and observation would suggest that a combination of both factors is involved.".

Binge Eating Disorder in America,