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The British Impact on the American Revolution
Note that this map does not show the bulk. Five thousand troops were ordered sent. French intervention significantly altered British strategy while giving the American..
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Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead
Realising Lizzie's depraved mind would endanger those around her, Carol puts a gun to the young girl's head and, telling her to "look at the..
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Letters from a Birmingham Jail

Responding to being referred to as an "outsider King writes, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". But again I have been disappointed. The

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Krispy Kreme Financials

Information Technology Internet Software Services view jkhy Jack Henry Associates Inc Information Technology Data Processing Outsourced Services view JLL Jones Lang Lasalle Inc Real Estate Real

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A Lesson Learned from Chapstick

AZLyrics, l Limp Bizkit Lyrics). Fortune and fame are disguised as your friend cuz im lonlier now than ive ever been. You have to learn to

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Life After Death - A Literary Point of View

Some insist that they could move themselves effortlessly by thought from one place to another, regardless of how far off it might. Finally the angel appeared

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The Pact and Memoirs of a Geisha

If she had remained in Japan, her life would have been too full for her to consider compiling her memoirs. Mameha had since visited frequently after

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Nathaniel Hawthornes Story

Anthony Splendora found her literary genealogy among other archetypally fallen but redeemed women, both historic and mythic. A life-long Democrat, political connections helped him land a

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The Medieval Punishments

the Medieval Punishments

clicking on the buttons to the left. Eventually the eyes would pop out, skull would crack and the neck would break. Their hand was then bandaged. Impalement, as the name suggests, Medieval impalement meant to be impaled (or stuck through) a large sharp object, such as a metal spear or pole and left to die. Because of this, beheadings were often reserved for nobles, knights even royalty.

Crime and Medieval Punishment - History

the Medieval Punishments

9 Bizarre Medieval Punishments, From Wearing A Bridle To - Bustle
The 10 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques From Medieval Europe
Medieval Crime Punishment - Medieval Chronicles
Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages Middle Ages

The Samurais and the Knights in Medieval Era,

If a woman did something unwomanly most often this entailed being a "scold" who told off her husband and caused problems by spreading gossip she'd be strapped in a chair at the end of a pole, and summarily dropped into the nearest stream or peatedly. For more information on can They Be Reconciled? counter-intuitive facts of ancient and medieval history, see Anthony Esolens The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization 2008. On some occasions they were taken down just before their death and quartered (cut into four pieces) so that the pain would kill them, a most cruel way to die. If they floated they were guilty but if they sank they were innocent. Images: Wikimedia Commons, Bodleian Library.